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Well, I thought I might start posting on the new family blog site. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to get any info together to post about my family research activity. BUT…I do have a couple fo groups on Facebook that pertain to the Iwaniw Surname. One is called The Iwaniw Connection and this was created some time ago; it is open for anyone interested in researching the Iwaniw surname to join. The other group I created was The Iwaniw Exchange and you can only join by invitation only (you have to have the surname of Iwaniw to be invited).

I’ve also created a a group for Iwaniw Genealogy and Tyzbir Genealogy, which are groups whose purpose is for collaborative efforts.

That’s pretty much all I have at this time.

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Welcome to the new web site. I decided to turn this into a blog site so that I could post information about what was going on in the family and to detail my genealogy activities. I’ve decided to concentrate on keeping the main online family tree web site updated in one location. Instead of trying to maintain a different number of sites, I decided to keep only one updated. I will be working on all of the other ones to have them point to the one site.  It gets confusing, but I’ll work it out.