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I have received some e-mails form other family researchers, both Iwaniw Family and Non-Iwaniw Family researchers, asking what happened to the web blog these past couple of months. Well, it was a series of calamities that brought this site and all of the others that we have on the host service.  First of all, this site was hacked.  Secondly, in the process of trying to clean up the hacked mess, thre host service ended up deleting ALL of the files in all of the domain directories that we maintained there.  Wow!

When I attempted to get them to reload from their backup sets, I was told that they couldn’t locate them.  Wow…double. 

Because we maintain over a dozen domain on this service, both personal and business, I had to –

  1. Locate the backups for those that I completed backups.
  2. Review the files and make whatever updates I could to those files.
  3. Re-upload those files back up to the service’s server.

This was all time-consuming and my time was limited so I had to prioritize which sites were worked on first.  Needless to say, I focused on those sites that we needed to conduct our business with.  After then others were done, I was finally able to get to this site.  I still have to work on the Genealogy Path site, the Winslow Genealogical & Historical Society, and the Ukrainian  Genealogical Society’s web sites.

I want to thank everyone for their patience.