Archive for June 2011

I’ve been busy lately with trying to get all of the documentations and information together in one spot. Additionally, I’ve been trying to go through some old boxes that have been stored here at the house along with some old photo albums. The photo albums were a great find for me because there were some old photos that I forgot that I had. Since the my mother had passed away a couple of years ago I figured that any of the old photos that she had were gone.  There may be other ones that I no longer have access to, but I have a very pleasant task of looking over the ones that I do have and getting them scanned onto CD’s.  I can then make them available to my own children.

I haven’t decided on where to display the photos.  I have a couple of choices:

  1. Upload them to the Family Tree site at
  2. Or, create a separate Gallery Page at this domain.

I guess this will give me something to think about.  But, I haven’t had too much of a chance to devote to the family research, what with the business and everything I last was able to send out a letter to the archivist at the Archives in Lvov and asked about the process and costs in obtaining documents pertaining to my family.

Other things that I have been doing is searching and connecting with others with the surname of IWANIW on Facebook.  I was pleasantly surprised to find so many people all over the world named Iwaniw.  I also started a group on Facebook called The Iwaniw Exchange.  I’m also interested in connecting with anyone else who is conducting family research into their Iwaniw roots so that we can exchange tips, resources, and general information.  I little motivation for me would be great, too. 🙂