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Back last September I wrote about getting some verified information that did not support what I was told verbally or contained additional details.  Although I’m still waiting to get a response from my request to the International Tracing Service about details of my parents’ time in the labor camp in Germany, I was finally able to verify a few details about my grandparents.

First of all, I found out my paternal grandmother’s name along with my exact spelling of my maternal grandmother’s last name.  In both cases it was not what I was told.  They did provide the information for official purposes.  It seems that verbally these sources were reluctant to divulge the information or were very ambiguous when divulging it.  I can’t figure out why and this is another example of why you need to verify and document any information that you receive verbally.

With this new, updated information I can now move forward with my family research. Additionally, I was able to update my genealogical files and the online family tree information.

Welcome to the new web site. I decided to turn this into a blog site so that I could post information about what was going on in the family and to detail my genealogy activities. I’ve decided to concentrate on keeping the main online family tree web site updated in one location. Instead of trying to maintain a different number of sites, I decided to keep only one updated. I will be working on all of the other ones to have them point to the one site.  It gets confusing, but I’ll work it out.