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Back last September I wrote about getting some verified information that did not support what I was told verbally or contained additional details.  Although I’m still waiting to get a response from my request to the International Tracing Service about details of my parents’ time in the labor camp in Germany, I was finally able to verify a few details about my grandparents.

First of all, I found out my paternal grandmother’s name along with my exact spelling of my maternal grandmother’s last name.  In both cases it was not what I was told.  They did provide the information for official purposes.  It seems that verbally these sources were reluctant to divulge the information or were very ambiguous when divulging it.  I can’t figure out why and this is another example of why you need to verify and document any information that you receive verbally.

With this new, updated information I can now move forward with my family research. Additionally, I was able to update my genealogical files and the online family tree information.