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In my last post I stated that I had sent a couple of requests to the International Tracing Service for my father and a Micola Iwaniw.  That was back toward the end of September.  As of today I haven’t received any response to those requests.  It could be that there are manual searches being conducted to get the information.  One can hope.  

I’m also still waiting to hear back regarding my inquiry about labor camps in the Maselheim/Surlingen area of Germany.  Anyone that can offer any help or information on expediting these requests & inquiries would be greatly appreciated. 

In any genealogy research one thing is always consistent.  Waiting,  We do spend a lot of time waiting.  When I posted previously that I had received some documentation about my parents while they were living in Ulm, Germany and that information stated that the labor camp they were interred at was not in Ulm, I ended up e-mailing a couple of other people to see if they could give me information about the labor camps around the Sulmingen area of Germany.

Well, that is the point at which I find myself…waiting.  Waiting to hear back about my inquiry.  Waiting because I don’t know if they have put my inquiry in their queue for researching or did they just discard and ignore it.  Will I hear back from them in the next few days, next few weeks, next few months, or longer?  The worse part of waiting is not knowing.

I also submitted a research request to the International Tracing Service for my father and a Micola Iwaniw.  I included Micola because my father had a brother by that name and according to information from my father he was born in 1910, just like the Micola shown in the ITS records.  Could this be the long lost brother that my father said they lost touch with during the war?  Because there was little detail from the online record I had to request the hardcopy in order to see what other information can be found there.  Again, waiting.